Preparation for 'INBO Newsletter" n° 27 (2018-2019)

Call for contributions


The permanent Technical Secretariat of  INBO is launching the 27th issue of the “Network Newsletter”, which will focus on the proposals and practical experiments of the members of our Network and of their partners, as well as on the large priority topic of adaptation to the effects of climate change following the COP21 in Paris, the COP22 in Marrakech, the COP23 in Bonn, the International Summit on “Water and Climate” in Rome and the last World Water Forum which took place in March 2018 in Brasilia.

As for the previous one, this new “INBO Newsletter” will only come into being if all the Member Organizations and Observers directly contribute by writing the articles they wish to be published, and by complying with a few basic rules to facilitate its editing and translation.

The letter is also open to any organization which implements or supports integrated river basin management and adaptation to climate change over the world.


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