Climate at the 8th World Water Forum

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Climate change impacts manifest first and more strongly through water. Changes in climate mean changes in the water cycle, in rainfall distribution patterns, in river water flows, and in the occurrence of extreme hydrological events, such as drought, flooding, storms, ice melting, etc. The expected changes affect the water availability for human activities and increase exposure to more frequent water related critical events. Its cross sector nature make water the clear centre of adaptation – which requires articulated policy, planning and action, involving governments at all levels, sectors and society.

The Ministerial Declaration of the 8th World Water Forum : "An Urgent call for decisive action on the water"


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For the Alliance of Signatories to the "Paris Pact"
on Water and Adaptation to Climate Change in Basins

For the Alliance of Megacities

For the Business Alliance

For the Desalination Alliance