17th "Europe-INBO 2019" - Lahti

June 17th 2019


17th "Europe-INBO 2019" International Conference
for the Implementation of the European Water Directives


 from 17th to 20th June 2019 in Lahti, Finland at Sibelius Hall


Discussing the future of the European Water Directive and Schowcasing ambition under midnight sun !




Finnish authorities invite Europe-INBO this year to hold the 17th “EUROPE-INBO” International Conference, co-organized with the “Group of European Basin Authorities for the Implementation of the European Water Directives”, from Monday 17th of June to Thursday 20th of June 2019, at the Sibelius Hall, Lahti, FINLAND.

Organizations, administrations and other stakeholders interested in Basin Management are invited to participate in the event and share their experiences on basin management.




Monday 17th June :

- Workshop on "Integration of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) into WFD Programs of Measures (PoMs) for basin restoration with a focus on lakes : Governance, Implementation, assessment"

- INBO World Liaison Bureau

Tuesday 18th June :

- Roundtable N°1 - Water quality : the objective of good ecological status and the challenge of microplastics
- Roundtable N°2 - Agriculture and climate change : agroecology, non-point source pollution, water availability

Wednesdat 19th June :

- Roundtable N°3 - Towards a practical review of the WFD application : how to deal with exemptions and one-out-all-out
- Roundtable N°4 -  Integrated management of basins and coastal waters : strengthening consistency
- Special session "International and transboundary cooperation (including under the Framework of the WFD, between EU and Non-EU Countries"

Thursday 20th June :

- A technical and culturl visit will be organized in the City of Lahti region.



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For the Alliance of Signatories to the "Paris Pact"
on Water and Adaptation to Climate Change in Basins

For the Alliance of Megacities

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